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is a public organisation aimed at observation and protection of rights and freedoms, realisation of civil, social, cultural, political, economical ant other interests of the Ukrainian LGBT community.

Celebrate Diversity and Equality – Is what LGBT Human Rights Nash Mir Center is calling the much anticipated international event – on its May billboard announcements on display already in welcoming Kyiv!

This tome makes the "Da Vinci Code" look downright lackluster: Rows of text scrawled on visibly aged parchment, flowing around intricately drawn illustrations depicting plants, astronomical charts and human figures bathing in – perhaps – the fountain of youth.

At first glance, the "Voynich manuscript" appears to be not unlike any other antique work of writing and drawing.

In 2017 the position of the Ukrainian LGBT community and the attitude of Ukrainian society and the state towards LGBT issues does not demonstrate any fundamental changes in comparison to the previous year.

Thus it’s no wonder that the level of crimes and incidents motivated by homo- or transphobia in Ukraine remains somewhat high.

While enthusiasts across the world pored over the Voynich manuscript, one of the most mysterious writings ever found – penned by an unknown author in a language no one understands – a research team at the UA solved one of its biggest mysteries: When was the book made? High-resolution images of the manuscript's 240 pages, including a special section on highlights and special features, are accessible online.

"The Book That Can't be Read" airs on National Geographic Channel at 2 p.m. Christine Mc Carthy at Yale University’s Rare Books Library watches as Greg Hodgins dissects a sample of parchment for radiocarbon dating of the mysterious Voynich manuscript.

An alien language But a second, closer look reveals that nothing here is what it seems.

Alien characters, some resembling Latin letters, others unlike anything used in any known language, are arranged into what appear to be words and sentences, except they don't resemble anything written – or read – by human beings.

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