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The Kathi script was considered informal in Mauritius, with the structure of Kaithi similar to Devanagari (spelled Devanagri in Mauritius).

In modern Mauritius, Bhojpuri script is Devanagari. The higher vowels are relatively tense, while lower vowels are relatively lax.

In Mauritius, a distinctive dialect of Bhojpuri remains in use, locally called Bojpury.

The day-to-day usage of the language in Mauritius is dropping and today, it is spoken by approximately 5% of the population, according to latest census.

At present almost all Bhojpuri texts are written in Devanagari even in the overseas islands where Bhojpuri is spoken.

For example, in Mauritius, both Kaithi and Devanagari scripts have been in use since the arrival of Bhojpuri people from India.

Bhojpuri is also spoken by the first generation immigrants who migrated from the UP region which now encompasses parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India to the newly created Pakistan.

Kutch Vagad Khabar Patrika of Vagad Visa Oswal Chovisi Mahajan is a bridge connecting Vagad Samaj daily.

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The language has 31 consonant phonemes and 34 contoids (6 bilabial, 4 apico-dental, 5 apico-alveolar, 7 retroflex, 6 alveo-palatal, 5 dorso-velar and 1 glottal).

According to Trammell, the syllable system is peak type: every syllable has the vowel phoneme as the highest point of sonority. Vowels occur as simple peaks or as peak nuclei in diphthongs.

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Bhojpuri residents of India, who signed up and moved as indentured labour in Africa, Mauritius, Fiji, and the Caribbean colonies of the British Empire in 19th century and early 20th century, used Kaithi as well as Devanagari scripts.

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