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All officers and agents of the division shall take and subscribe to the oath provided by law for peace officers. The Chief of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division may assign personnel of the division to particular areas of enforcement as appropriate for the enforcement of the laws and regulations of this State which the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is charged with enforcing. Supervision of security personnel employed by State.HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 53-17; 1974 (58) 2878; 1993 Act No. For this purpose, the chief may establish divisions within the department to carry out particular duties as assigned by the chief. All security personnel employed by the State, other than at correctional institutions shall be under the direct supervision of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Recordation and classification of fingerprints taken in criminal investigations.

(D)(1) The Attorney General must authorize an officer of the court who is employed by SLED to issue an administrative subpoena to a financial institution, public or private utility, or communications provider if, after review, the Attorney General determines that SLED has reasonable cause to believe that the information is material to an active investigation of at least one of the financial crimes listed in subsection (B)(1), and that SLED is not otherwise able to obtain a warrant or subpoena for the information from a court due to one of the reasons listed in subsection (B)(2).

The agents and officers of the division must be commissioned by the Governor upon the recommendation of the chief.

The agents and officers shall have that rank or title as may be provided under the State Employees Classification System.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 53-4.1; 1966 (54) 2596; 1983 Act No. All sheriff's and police departments in South Carolina shall make available to the Criminal Justice Records Division of the State Law Enforcement Division for the purpose of recordation and classification all fingerprints taken in criminal investigations resulting in convictions.

The State Law Enforcement Division shall pay for the costs of such program and prepare the necessary regulations and instructions for the implementation of this section. Acceptance of fingerprints of applicants for admission to bar; exchange of records with Board of Law Examiners. South Carolina Commission on National and Community Service; criminal background checks. 2540, or who otherwise volunteers or serves in a position supported, sponsored, or administered by the South Carolina Commission on National and Community Service (commission), must undergo a state criminal history background check, supported by fingerprints by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), and a national criminal history background check, supported by fingerprints by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), unless the commission determines that the background check requirement for that person has been satisfied through another process. South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program to provide counseling services and other support services.

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