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Shrugging her consent, Patty seated herself next to him.

Still smiling, Ray draped an arm around my wife's shoulders.

"Why don't you go to the kitchen and get me a beer from the fridge while I'm getting acquainted with your wife," Ray told me with a smile, blatantly feeling-up my wife's panty-clad pussy and calling attention to how easily accessible it was to him. I knew from our love making she enjoyed sex, including the role-play of sharing her with others." Ray asked, rubbing Patty's puffy pussy mound through her skimpy panties with the palm of one hand.I don't think he really cared what I thought, but was establishing his dominance.His dark hand was in sharp contrast to Patty's white skin. "You're okay, baby, Ray said soothingly, rubbing and squeezing my wife's soft rounded ass with his hand."Hope you don't mind my buttermilk thighs," Patty murmured, referring to slight dimples in her skin from cellulite. Now, turn around, let me see that fat ass." When Patty turned her back to him, Ray slapped an ass-cheek, making the soft flesh jiggle. Falling silent, Patty stood still for Ray to feel her while patiently awaiting his next move.

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