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Keep in mind that the items per feed cannot be infinite.

The number of items per feed should not be too large that way feed readers and services such as i Tunes/Feed Burner can pull them without complaining about the file size.

Once i Tunes (via the store) has updated, you can then go to moving permanently.

You want i Tunes to be following your podcast feed on your site, even though we (or anyone else) might be serving it.

After filling out all the required information, Feedburner will take you to your feed's page. It is how you and your fans can subscribe to your podcast.

In addition to the Subscribe with i Tunes button, Feedburner can be used to subscribe with most "podcatching" software.

Then check the saved file’s size does not exceed 512KB in size.

2) Click “Add Site” – Use the Feed Burner migration option 3) Provide your Feed Burner login 4) Pick the podcast feed 5) Run through the steps 6) When you’re done you should have a shiny, new Feed Blitz feed with Auto Cast enabled. It should have grabbed your Feed Burner podcast settings.

If you use a value larger than 50, make sure you open your feed in a web browser then select the option “save as” and save the feed to your computer.

If your podcast source feed is a category feed URL, you can use the production version of our Feed Smart plugin - otherwise you’ll need the beta version, which has been designed to better reflect podcaster needs. Configure it to send the podcast feed to Feed Blitz.

(Make sure to delete any Feedburner related plugins or notations in your theme's code.) 2) Test: go to the feed URL in your browser.

You don't need to do anything with either of these screens right now if you don't know how to fill them out.

You can press the Next button and go back to change your settings later.

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For the option labeled “Syndication feeds show the most recent”, enter the value you desire.

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