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Chris has spent at least ,127.64 in American taxpayer dollars.

The following table chronicles Chris's deposits into his Play Station Network "wallet" between April 2007 and February 2010, the period for which detailed records of his transactions are available (thanks to the work of expert hackers).

He was previously a consultant at Ernst & Young in their Chicago office, where he provided strategic consulting services to major corporations in the healthcare, life sciences, energy, and consumer products sectors. Mc Ilhattan earned his undergraduate degree in economics at Georgetown University.

Despite being supposedly put on a strict budget by his father at the time (in order to pay down debts created by his earlier PSN spending), he still managed to spend around 0 or more a month.Chris has spent so much on the PSN, it has contributed most of his credit card debt (roughly ,500 as of early 2010).You might ask yourself how he could spend that much and what he could spend it on.Before this all went down, we had a wondeful marriage, never argued, lots of love and support and sensitivity. Now I sit, totally devastated like the rug has been pulled out from underneath me and he my best allie feels like he is now sitting on the other side. Joe Mc Ilhattan is an Associate with SFW Capital Partners, LP participating in the evaluation and execution of new investment opportunities, industry research and portfolio company support.

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