Reading sex chats by gal to a guy

Over two months in the spring of 2016, Monk pestered ‘Emily’ for pictures, particularly ones of her wearing high-heeled shoes.

He posed sexually explicit questions, such as: ‘Are you a moaner or a screamer?

On being asked to send them sexually revealing photographs, Cox found images online of a Canadian woman who committed suicide at the age of 21 and passed them off as ‘Emily’. I’ve not got a secret stash.’ On his Emily persona, he said: ‘It’s me. It’s madness, a way of escaping reality.’ Cox, from Windsor in Berkshire, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to four counts of possession of indecent images – 645 of the most serious category A pictures, 201 category B, 449 category C, and 396 extreme pornographic images of bestiality.

Police investigating the Emily online chat raided his home last year. He denied encouraging three men to attempt to get indecent images from ‘Emily’ and the charges were ordered to lie on file.

He said: ‘It should be a matter of enduring shame on his part that he engaged in this offending with complete disregard for his oath and responsibility as a serving police officer.’ Prosecutor Charles Falk said Cox had been working for the Metropolitan Police with responsibility for the security of embassies, Parliament and the royal family.

Mitigating, Nick Yeo said Cox had expressed ‘intense remorse’ and faced losing his job as a result of the case.

He notices and remembers things about you that most people don't.

‘To tackle this growing problem, the NSPCC is calling on tech companies, government and law enforcement agencies to ensure this type of content is taken down quickly when it does appear online but most importantly that it can’t be published in the first instance.’ An NSPCC spokesman said: ‘Behind every indecent image is a child who has been subjected to the most horrific acts in order for this vile material to be produced.

Whatever you call it, it still means he wants to be around you.)He calls you on the phone. If a guy calls you, it means one of three things: you're his best friend, he needs help with his homework, or he has the itchy pants for you. He knows they will probably report back to you, but he doesn't care.

(To a guy, the word date can be like garlic to a vampire, so they'll say "hang out" instead.

’ Supply teacher Gibbs’ chat logs with ‘Emily’ went on between July and September 2015.

Even though he knew she was under 18, he tried to set her up on the ‘Chaturbate’ – chat and masturbate – website, the court heard.

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