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And so because I want as many of us to be able to participate as possible, I’ve tried to keep the cost super low.The other reason I don’t do discounts or scholarships is because I’ve noticed that there’s such a strong correlation between what we put into something and what we get out of it. Trust me, budgets are such a thing in the Wilson house. So the way this course works is that it’s four weeks long, and there are four lessons each week.

However — I know that life happens, and that you might be in a busy season or have a trip coming up or a crazy season at work. The last thing I’d ever want you to do is to invest in something that’s not going to really be helpful and beneficial to your life.And you get to talk through it with a wonderfully supportive community in the Facebook group!Again, I know that an online course is a new concept to lots of us.The first is that I’ve done everything I can to offer this course at a rock-bottom price.Comparable courses and programs are usually offered for upwards of 1,000 dollars!

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So let’s break down what it actually looks like to join us.

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